Friday, 2 June 2017

Driving lessons Hull, Driving instructor Hull, Driving school Hull. CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL

Well done to Daniel who passed his test on is first attempt with our automatic instructor Keith in Hull.
For lessons with Daniel's automatic instructor Keith please visit

Driving lessons Chesterfield, Driving instructor Chesterfield, Driving school Chesterfield. WELL DONE RYAN!

Congratulations to Ryan who passed his test in Chesterfield with his instructor Jonathan. Ryan passed on his first attempt with just 6 minors!

For lessons with Ryan's instructor Jonathan please visit

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Driving lessons Cumbernauld, Driving instructor Cumbernauld , Driving school Cumbernauld. SUPER SHELLY

Well done to Shelly of Cumbernauld looking understandably pleased with her first time pass with her instructor Alan.
For lessons with Shelly's instructor Alan please visit

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Driving lessons Herne Bay, Driving instructor Herne Bay , Driving school Herne Bay. JUBILANT JEROME!

Well done to Jerome who passed his test with his instructor Russell in Herne bay on his first attempt with just 2 minors! For lessons with Jermone's instructor Russell please visit 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Driving lessons Coventry, Driving instructor Coventry, Driving school Coventry. WELL DONE YOU THREE!

Congratulations to 3 of Bruce's pupils!

First we have Jordan who passed on his second attempt at the Hickley test centre.

Secondly we have Twofo who passed on his second attempt with Bruce at Leicester Wigston test centre. 

Last but not least we have Criag Who passed on his third attempt at Coventry test centre.

Well done to you all, happy and safe motoring!

For lessons with Bruce in Hickley, Leicester, Coventry and surrounding areas please visit

Driving lessons Macclesfield, Driving instructor Macclesfield, Driving school Macclesfield. CONGRATULATIONS COREY!

Well done to Corey for passing on his first attempt with just 4 minors with Brian from Macclesfield.

For lessons with Brian please visit

Driving lessons Bracknell, Driving instructor Bracknell, Driving school Bracknell. AMAZING ANNABEL!

Well done to Annabel who passed her test with Paul on her second attempt in Bracknell.
For lessons with Annabel's instructor Paul please visit